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Northern Lights Aurora Borealis


The northern lights are a light phenomena that consists of colorful, dancing and changing patterns in the night sky. The northern lights are seen more the closer to the poles you get. In Finland they are most predominant in Lapland during the winter. The northern lights are caused by charged particles from solar wind colliding with the Earth’s atmosphere. They arise when Van Allen’s zone overloads with energized particles that pass through the Earth’s magnetic field and collide with the upper atmosphere. The most vibrant northern lights are usually seen after a powerful coronal mass ejection.

Yes, you can and if you would like to see the northern lights, it is sometimes even necessary. Northern Lights Igloo Resort’s glass igloo houses are mobile, so for an additional cost we can also move your location to a place that has more ideal conditions for seeing the northern lights based on predictions. We also organize guided tours, in which we travel by car to a place where spotting the northern lights is more probable, according to predictions.

Closest airports to Ylitornio are in Kemi (80 minutes away) and in Rovaniemi (90 minutes away). You can also fly to Oulu and to Kittilä (180 minutes away). Ylitornio also has a railway station, so you can take a train to Ylitornio almost from anywhere in Finland. We do have a transportation service from near by airports, mentioned above. You can find our transportation prices on the price list.

All of the Northern Lights Igloo Resort’s Igloo Houses are insulated and have electric heating. The inside temperature is kept consistently warm, even if it is below freezing outside. The panorama windows that surround the houses contain new intelligent technology. This advanced technology activates when it starts to snow outside causing the windows to heat up and allow one to enjoy the view in comfort, despite weather conditions.

Northern Lights Igloo Resort is located in an area, where the certainty of seeing the northern lights is large and we have years of experience with spotting the northern lights. Through modern technology and predictions we are able to locate the areas where the probability of seeing the northern lights is the greatest. Despite all of this, we cannot promise or guarantee seeing the northern lights, as it is a natural phenomenon. Many factors affect the visibility of the northern lights, such as how cloudy it is and how active the sun is during your visit along with a few days before that.

We organize photo opportunities and sightseeing in our programs. You can book a guided trip accompanied by a northern lights expert. The trips are targeted towards the areas where the northern lights hunter predicts the northern lights most likely to be. The guide will also instruct you to photographs the northern lights. Usually the trips are organized close by.

Our restaurant offers buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner. All the glass igloo houses includes kitchens and you can also visit the supermarkets in Ylitornio, which is some 15 minutes drive away from the resort.

Along with traditional methods, such as credit card, we also accept payments via Apple Pay, Ali Pay and PayPal. You can also pay with cash, however, we only accept euros. You can exchange foreign currency into euros in Rovaniemi city centre, or by withdrawing money from a cash machine. We also have contactless payment - and mobile pay machines available to use.

The northern lights are visible in the dark so the best time to see the northern lights in Lapland is during the last few weeks of August up until the middle of April. The winter months from December to March are an optimal time, but the Autumn time must not be forgotten. During this time the reflective surface of the rivers and lakes add to the brilliance of them and the weather is not too cold either. If your goal is to experience the northern lights, you should reserve at least a few days extra to increase the chances of a bright cloudless day.

The northern lights are rarely visible to the human eye as bright and colorful as they are in pictures or through the lenses of professional cameras. It is not unusual that an unexperienced northern lights seeker might not notice the northern lights, even if they are in the sky. The resort has a northern lights alarm that alerts guests when the northern lights are visible. The use of the alarm is optional.

The Igloo House is more than just an igloo. It is like a small house, which has a lot of room. The many features of the Igloo Houses including sauna, bathroom, atmospheric fireplace, along with the glass walls and glass ceiling of the bedroom, make the Igloo Houses a wonderful place to spend a relaxing holiday surrounded by the beautiful nature of Lapland. Another feature that makes the Igloo Houses special is their mobility. For an additional cost we can change your location, if you so desire.

Weather predictions over a long period of time are difficult to make, but typically the weather in Lapland during the winter is characterized by two things. When it is cloudy, the weather is mild and it will start to snow, and when the sky is clear, the weather is freezing. In terms of the northern lights, clear weather is essential, so the weather is usually extremely cold during their appearance. The northern lights are seen best during the time of high pressure while snowfall is seen during low pressure. Usually snow covers the ground in Ylitornioi in November, but it is not a rare occurrence that sometimes snow only appears during the middle of December.

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