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Northern Lights Aurora borealis glass igloo house

The journey of Northern Lights Igloo Resort

A heat wave is currently baking Finland. It might sound weird, but our summer often favours those seeking warmth. Sun is still shining day and night, so no wonder it’s so hot. Even though summer is currently at its best, our thoughts are already in the upcoming winter. We’ll open our resort on 14th of December and there’s still much to do. We haven’t opened our own booking site yet, but you can already find us at and book your stay from there. Activity programmes will be open for booking a little later. Now in July almost everyone is having their summer holidays, so constructing the resort isn’t currently

During the last few days we have received lots of inquiries about why we can’t be found on any famous international booking websites. We have reacted to the feedback and now our resort is available at As an Early bird -bonus you can now book us with a discount of as much as 40%. The opening of our resort will be on December 14th. We welcome you all to make a reservation so you can be among the first to enjoy our amazing holiday resort. Lately we’ve been making all sorts of preparations and filling information on our page. We also took photographs of the

Finnish Lapland is currently a very popular travel destination. Lapland is annually visited by over three million tourists, which is ten times the population of the area. There are many reasons to come to Lapland, but one of them is definitely glass accommodation. For years we have produced travel marketing material for Lapland and often we’ve been asked what our predictions for the future of glass igloos are. What makes them so interesting is a question asked by many locals who don’t long for igloo accommodation. Common between all glass igloos is large number of windows with a panoramic view, which makes them visually appealing. In a glass igloo you’ll

We are Tanja Hyväri and Timo Tapaninen, a couple who has decided to build their own holiday resort in Lapland. For the last two years our company has been producing marketing material for tourist attractions in Lapland, so we’re not starting this project unprepared. Our goal is to open a glass igloo village with a restaurant and a few huts as well. The location is close to Aavasaksa ski resort. The opening of the new resort is going to be on 14th of December, which means that we have 160 days to accomplish the thousands upon thousands of tasks to have everything ready when the first guests arrive. Subscribe to

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